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So, as you may know, I’ve explored “many,” let’s call it endeavors in the past before it leads to me doing what I do know. There have been many ups but also many downs. 

One of the first endeavors I can remember was, collecting sea shells when I was a kid, painting them, then trying to sell them to my parents…I was about 6 years old at that time with no idea about price margins or anything. All I knew was that I enjoyed doing it. I didn’t think about it. I just did it. Who knew that I’d be doing the same thing many years later, just not with painted seashells.

So, why am I telling you a story about seashells and paint? Well, to tell you the honest truth, I have no idea. I did have something cheeky to write after this, but I got distracted and lost my sense of direction with this article. 

Oh, I remember now because that was the first time I got introduced to an entrepreneurial mindset. I know, big word. As a kid, I wasn’t thinking about whether the painting was good, would sell, or anything. I did it because I would never know if I didn’t try. It’s the same mindset I used to know when trying something new. It may work, or it won’t. But you will never know if you don’t try. Sometimes, you must take the leap of faith and just wing it.

See.. told you I had something cheeky in my mind… That’s all I have to say, but I will continue this story.